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Welcome to Gulf Plastics, your trusted partner in the buying and selling of recyclable waste materials. We are a trading company that deals in diverse range of buying and selling recyclable waste materials, including plastics, paper, rubber, metal and more. We are committed to supporting your sustainable initiatives and driving the circular economy.

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Waste Recycling Process

Phase 1

The Process begins when you place your waste plastics in your bin, the waste is recovered at a recycling facility and taken to a Plastic reclaiming plant.


Used plastics are shredded with a machine into tiny pieces, called flakes or regrind. Then the flakes will be washed to remove the glue, paper, sand, or other contaminants.


With the method of Float Sink process or a washing line, the plastic flakes receive continuous wash to remove the dirt and, pieces of labels or germs in it.


The cleaned flakes / regrind are then melted down in high temperature and formed into resin pellets. At this point they can be used to make all kinds of useful things.


Using high heat and pressure, the resin pellets are melted down and injected into a mold to create the end product such as bottles, bags, buckets, chairs, plates, containers etc

Recycling Process

Recycling is a crucial process that aims to transform waste materials into new products, thereby reducing the consumption of raw materials, energy usage, and the overall environmental impact.

Whether you require specific materials for your recycling processes or seek a steady stream of feedstock, we have you covered. Our inventory is regularly updated to provide you with a wide selection, ensuring a reliable supply to support your operations.

We employ strict quality control measures to ensure that the recyclable waste materials we supply meet the highest industry standards. We meticulously inspect and verify each batch, guaranteeing that you receive materials that are clean, properly sorted, and free from contaminants.

We buy and sell a wide range of recyclable waste materials, including but not limited to cardboard, mixed paper, hard plastics, rubber, etc. If you are a business that has a need to purchase recyclable waste materials, we would be happy to provide you with a quote and discuss how we can assist you through your purchasing journey.

Thank you for considering us as your trading partner in sustainability. We look forward to working with you!